What people searched on Google during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period?  What surprised us is the search of the term Jigsaw Puzzle, while the search on the term sex tips did not increase much, one of the reasons is that people have been searching for the term during normal days.

Social distancing measures are having a significant impact on people's lives beyond confining many to their homes and causing job losses.
Here are some statistics we find interesting.
·         Alcohol consumption is up 42% in the San Francisco Bay Area
·         Applications for divorces are up significantly in China
·         An estimated 40% of tenants in New York could struggle to make April's rent payments
·         Daily users of the video chat platform Zoom have reportedly increased 20x since December
Our species' superpower is cooperation, and our strength is our optimism. The question itself is recognition of one comforting truth: Crises always happen, and they always end.