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It is the fourth pillar of democracy and had uncovered many of the dirty plots in the political and financial scene.

We believe the drastic move came because of a steep drop in ad revenue from local events and businesses after the closure of non-essential business and the worrying economic growth rate.

With many businesses closed amid the coronavirus pandemic, the sudden plummet in ad sales has left many small local print newspapers even more vulnerable.

In addition, many large regional and national papers have dropped their paywalls during this period, allowing readers unlimited access to those stories.

Also, the dominating force from Facebook and Google, where click rate is everything had led to an unhealthy system where readers are fed with exotic news that pumped their adrenaline instead of a good piece of article that helps us to think.

The effects of this coronavirus pandemic are still far from over and it would be felt far and wide. It is like a tidal wave with many layoffs and business closures.

Everyone is in the same boat economically. Sit tight, and embrace for the collision.