For the period Oct 2021, the companies that delivered outstanding quarter results are mainly from the semiconductor, Tobacco, Logistics, and REITs industries.

StockRevenue (RM'000)Net Profit (RM'000)QoQ (%)YoY (%)Remark
BSLCORP30,9754,719349%94%1. a higher profit before tax for Q4FY2021 against Q4FY2020 due to the share of profit of associate during the period of RM4.25million and a fair value gain on the transfer of the investment in associate to other investment of RM1.1million.
2. QoQ - lower revenue and operating profit were due to the lesser operational days in Q4FY2021 as a result of the EMCO
WPRTS504,891199,05612%-2%1. QoQ - was mainly attributed to the growth in container revenue.
ASTRA9,0082,95370%-8%1. YoY - This is mainly due to increase in sales volume of seasonings products.
2. YoY - The decrease in PBT is mainly due to loan interests recognised during the current financial period
*QoQ reason not provided
CHINTEK51,75116,539-27%21%1. due to significant increases in the average selling prices of ffb, CPO and PK even though the sales volume decreased.
ANCOM404,7299,04019%195%1. Investment holdings - due to higher revenue generated from IT businesses,
2. Agricultural Chemicals - due to higher export sales
3. Industrial Chemical - mainly attributed to higher sales by its distribution business as a result of higher average selling prices for its products.
SAMCHEM272,81412,609-34%33%1. QoQ - The revenue decrease is due to a decrease in sales volume in the current quarter under review compared to the corresponding quarter.
2. YoY - The increase is due to higher average selling prices for the year to date under review.
MHC167,99911,47727%119%1. YoY
a) Increases in selling prices of CPO, PK and FFB by 61%, 71% and 73% respectively; and
b) Increases in sales volume of CPO and PK by 17% and 14% respectively
GENETEC59,31316,31099%518%1. QoQ, YoY - This is mainly due to higher sales volume achieved and improved operational efficiency.
CEPAT103,88211,61623%117%1. QoQ , YoY
Plantation - mainly due to a substantial increase in average FFB selling price by 74% while FFB production remained almost unchanged.
Oil Mill - mainly due to increase in FFB Processed by 12% and higher mill margin with improvement in Mill OER from 19.78% to 20.40%.
KOSSAN1,302,768528,203-50%51%1. impacted by the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) imposed
PANTECH136,49015,3051%43%1. The higher revenue and segment profit before tax was mainly due to optimised trading operations during current 6 months period compared to partial operation restricted by MCO imposed by the government last year.
VITROX168,29342,211-17%42%1. In tandem with the Group’s higher revenue
ESCERAM25,4739,442-35%195%1. In tandem with the increase in revenue and higher average selling price.
2. The Group’s current quarter profit before taxation of approximately RM10.41 million has decreased by 43.02% as compared in the immediate preceding quarter. This was in tandem with the decrease in revenue and production ouput due to COVID-19 infection cases and factories shutdown.