MPHB Capital Berhad recently received a privatization offer for RM 1.70 per share. Don’t think it will go through at this price.

The company operates in two main segments:

  • ·        Credit: MPHB Capital is involved in credit investments.

·        Insurance: The company operates in the insurance sector.


Strategic Landbank in Pengerang:

·        One of MPHB’s most valuable assets is its landbank located in Pengerang, Johor. Iskandar has gained prominence due to the booming industrial development and the establishment of data centers.

·        The landbank spans approximately 1663 acres. Although its leasehold, the lease will only expire in 2910, 886 years more to go.

·        This land is strategically positioned near the site of the Refinery and Petrochemicals Integrated Development (RAPID) projects.

·        The land is currently valued at RM 58.93 million, which is valuing it at RM 0.80 per sqft or RM 35k per acre.

·        Massive landbank in Penang and Gombak, Selangor too

Don’t think the minority shareholders will accept such a low offer. Hold on for higher price. Patience could pay off.