For the period Jan 2022, the companies that delivered outstanding quarter results are mainly from the property and precision manufacturing industry.

Stock  Revenue (RM'000)   Net Profit (RM'000)  QoQ (%) YoY (%) Remark
BSLCORP               55,385                 3,917 -17% 111% 1. yoy - The Group posted higher revenue and profit after tax of RM55.4 million and RM3.9 million respectively as compared to prior year quarter of RM43.0 million and RM1.8 million due to the higher volume of sales in the precision metal stamping division. In the precision metal stamping division, both parts and tooling sales were higher which contributed to the improved operating profit. This division also recognized a reversal of provision for doubtful debts of RM1.8 million during the quarter under review.
DYNACIA                 3,642               16,758 1161% 299% 1. yoy, qoq - The high PBT from investment properties segments was mainly due to a fair value gain of RM18.97 million on its properties located in the state of Penang.
KLCC            348,171               70,327 -48% 268% 1. yoy - In Q4 2021, the Group recognised minimal impairment in the on-going development of Kompleks Dayabumi Phase 3 amounting to RM0.3 million (Q4 2022 = RM81 mil)
2. qoq - Excluding fair value adjustments on investment properties, the Group reported higher revenue of RM348.2 million and PBT of RM208.4 million, increased by 33.7% and 35.3% respectively. The retail and hotel segments achieved better performance due to execution of multiple marketing strategies to drive sales riding on the revision in SOPs and lifting of travel restriction.
AMTEL               17,168                 1,478 302% 26% 1. qoq  - The Group reported profit after tax of RM1.48 million as compared to a loss after tax of RM0.73 million posted in the immediate preceding quarter.
2. yoy - For the current financial quarter, our Group posted revenue of RM17.17 million and profit after tax of RM1.48 million as compared to revenue of RM20.40 million and profit after tax of RM0.92 million respectively recorded in the preceding year corresponding quarter. The decrease in revenue was mainly due to lower sales generated by the ICT and TIS segments. However, the lower profit reported in the preceding year corresponding quarter was attributed to the write down of inventories in the ICT segment and the write off of professional and certain initial expenses relating to the acquisition of our four-storey office building.
ECOHLDS               48,116                 1,427 453% -11% 1. qoq - . Both revenue and profit before taxation in current quarter were higher than the immediate preceding quarter mainly due to resumption of construction activities at Phase 2 of National Recovery Plan (NPR) resulted higher revenue recognition in current quarter.
CHINTEK               58,203               27,483 66% 74% 1. yoy, qoq - Revenue in the first financial quarter under review improved by 12.47% to RM58,203,000 when compared with the immediate preceding financial quarter. The average selling prices and sales volume of ffb, CPO and PK were higher.
AJIYA               90,160                 3,520 136% 2328% 1. yoy, qoq - The higher revenue for the current quarter was due to lifting of lockdowns, effecting increase in demand for the Group’s products.
WPRTS            503,897            222,876 12% 36% 1. yoy -  The growth in PBT was due to higher container revenue and progressive insurance reimbursement for the vessel incident which damaged two STS crane and wharf in 2019.
2. qoq - The recognition of progressive insurance claims for STS crane offset the marginal decline in container revenue in 4Q2021.
LCTITAN         2,684,589            186,836 283% 24% 1. yoy - mainly due to the increase in average product selling price and sales volume. The decrease in profit before tax was partially offsetted by the share of one-off gain on disposal of investment of RM 101 million from associated company, Lotte Chemical USA Corp. (“LC USA”) and a RM 23.4 million gain from foreign exchange differences.
2. qoq - The net profit improved by 286.6% from RM 48.1 million to RM 185.9 million mainly due to tax income arising from reversal of tax expenses provided in previous quarter.
ACO               35,712                 3,036 413% 76% 1. yoy - The increase is mainly due to the share of results of their operations in the East Coast region amounted to RM0.874 million.
2. qoq - The improvement in revenue is mainly attributable to the fulfilment of order backlogs accumulated during the lockdown period and an overall gradual recovery of business as industries reopened pursuant to the National Recovery Plan (“NRP”). In tandem with a higher revenue, the Group achieved a PBT of RM3.909 million for the current financial quarter, which represents an increase of 380.22% or RM3.095 million as compared to RM 0.814 million in the preceding financial quarter.
GADANG            259,665               36,541 890% 1055% 1. yoy, qoq - The current quarter’s revenue and profit before tax were boosted by a non-recurring transaction and disposal of a development land.
- Disposal of a development land located at Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur for RM43.00 million and gains derived from the disposal of RM0.80 million
IGBCR               46,260               19,177 577% 0% 1. No comparative figures are available as IGB Commercial REIT was established on 31 March 2021. The acquisition of the properties by IGB Commercial REIT were completed on 17 September 2021 and IGB Commercial REIT was listed on 20 September 2021.
GENETEC               65,264               18,282 12% 1956% 1. yoy, qoq - The increase in net profit before tax was mainly attributed to a higher sales volume and improved operational efficiency. 
HOMERIZ               58,536                 8,466 3286% 16% 1. qoq - mainly attributed to the Group had resumed the production of furniture in mid of September 2021 after the full MCO since 1 Jun 2021. There was no production activity in the Q4FY2021 (Previous Qtr)
EFRAME               13,301                 2,662 5224% 63% 1. qoq - The Group recorded profit before tax of RM3.54 million, an increase of RM3.32 million in 1Q 2022. The increase was mainly due to higher revenue recorded and improvement in the gross profit margins contributed by the manufacturing segment.
-  The increase in revenue was mainly due to greater volume of customers’ orders fulfilled during 1Q 2022. The lower revenue in 4Q 2021 was also mainly due to work stoppages arising from the imposition of various movement control orders during 4Q 2021 which resulted in delays in revenue recognition of scheduled deliveries for unfulfilled purchase orders
MELATI               21,291                 2,320 263% 350% 1. yoy, qoq - The increased in profit before tax of the Group in the current financial period as compared to the preceding year corresponding period despite lower revenue was due mainly to higher profit attributed from property development segment.
- The performance of this segment was attributed from sales from property development project known as Meridian at Taman Kluang Barat, Johor. The said project comprises of landed residential houses.
GUOCO            105,555                 3,764 147% 133% 1. yoy, qoq - The better performance was mainly attributed to higher contributions from the property development division and lower loss incurred by the hospitality division.
- The property development division reported a better performance for the current quarter mainly due to the increase in the percentage of completion from one of its on-going project in Emerald 9 @ Cheras.
- The performance of the hospitality division also improved with higher occupancy and average room rates due to the relaxation of Movement Control Orders ("MCO") imposed by Malaysian Government which allowed for interstate travelling
OIB               76,916               11,701 128% -22% 1. qoq - The Group reported 27% and 89% higher revenue and PBT respectively when compared with immediate preceding financial quarter. The lower revenue and PBT recognised in preceding quarter arose from temporary shutdown then of the Group's business activities and operations in compliance with the full lockdown (MCO 3.0) 
EUPE               58,604                 8,431 214% -43% 1. yoy - The overall decrease in the Group’s financial performance was due to the decrease in revenue from Central Region property operation, the result of its second KL project, Parc3@KL South project (“Parc3”) reaching its completion stage with the notice of vacant possession issued on 12 December 2021, combined with the absence of revenue contributions from its first KL project, Novum@South Bangsar (“Novum”) which was handed over to its purchasers in June 2020 (“Q2FY2021”).
- However, these decline in Central Region revenue and profit were moderated by improved revenue from the Group’s Northern Region property operations and the ‘soft launch’ of the Group’s third KL project, Est8@Seputeh (“Est8”) in November 2021.
2. qoq - The overall increase in the current quarter’s financial performance was mainly due to property and construction sectors being permitted to operate in Q3FY2022, compared to the strict movement restrictions imposed for almost a month from 1 June 2021.
ESCERAM               33,849               14,135 50% 252% 1. yoy, qoq - The increase in profit before tax was mainly attributed to the higher sales output from the additional production capacity, improved production activities and higher selling price.
HEXIND               47,795                 2,090 801% 233% 1. yoy - due to the higher demand of fertilisers and recovery in the heavy equipment division.
2. qoq - The increase in revenue principally due to the higher demand of fertilisers and recovery from the Enhance Movement Control Order (EMCO) imposed by government in the preceding quarter.
AXREIT               62,942               99,982 170% 103% 1. yoy, qoq - mainly due to contributions from new acquisition completed in 4Q2021 and also positive rental reversion recorded in the current quarter.
PANTECH            209,337               20,363 33% 133% 1. yoy, qoq - mainly due to optimised trading and manufacturing operations, higher local oil and gas demand, stable palm oil prices, robust export demand and higher product prices.
ZHULIAN               33,559               12,649 32% -7% 1. qoq -The increase was mainly attributable to certain subsidiary turned profitable and recognised deferred tax assets derived from its’ previous year business losses in order to be utilised against its’ future taxable profits.
ANCOM            532,912               12,078 34% 95% 1. yoy, qoq - The Industrial Chemicals Division posted higher revenue of RM354.4 million, an increase of 49.4% as compared with RM237.2 million in the corresponding quarter last year from higher sales in Malaysia and Singapore as economic restrictions were released, especially in Malaysia.
NYLEX            385,448                 7,728 2228% 72% 1. yoy, qoq - The higher revenue was mainly due to improved sales performance by its Industrial Chemical Division.
- The Industrial Chemical Division has recorded higher revenue of RM354.4 million for the quarter, an increase of 49.4% compared with RM237.2 million recorded in the same period last year, mainly attributed to higher sales by its subsidiaries in Malaysia and Singapore
ATLAN               75,662                 1,177 113% 115% 1. yoy, qoq -  The increase in revenue was largely due to the imposition of nationwide FMCO which took effect from 1 June 2021 to curb the rise of Covid-19 positive cases in the preceding quarter. 
ECOMATE               15,675                 2,624 245% 0% 1. qoq -  mainly due to the preceding quarter that the Group’s production of furniture affected by the temporary suspension of manufacturing operations in the whole of Q2FY2022 in order to comply with government directives to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
PAVREIT            124,276               53,566 168% 277% 1. yoy, qoq =- . The increase in net property income was mainly due to higher revenue from advertising, lesser mall maintenance cost and lower rent rebates given to tenants, offset by higher utilities charges. 
IGBREIT            119,367               73,585 91% 2% 1. qoq - the higher net property income and profit after taxation were mainly due to the reversal for impairment of trade receivables in the current quarter.
- The favourable variance in gross revenue, net property income and profit after taxation were mainly due to the lower rental support provided to tenants and reversal for impairment of trade receivables in the current quarter arising from the initial signs for gradual recovery in footfall and vehicle traffic volume, which contributed to improving retail sales of tenants, arising from relaxation of containment measures and economic reopening.