Analytics as a service

iSquare portal supports research and analysis as a one-stop industry intelligence platform. We provides ready-to-use datasets and visualised insights to complement your research.
Shortens your data processing time and deploy insights in every business decisions with iSquare Portal.

Broad actionable insights

iSquare Portal clean and prepare insights from nearly 200+ premium and trusted sources from around the world.Use our comprehensive and trusted analytics to power your research and build actionable insights.

Our research coverage including:


Coverage of major sectors and the respective industries.
Gain real knowledge about what's shaping each industry:

  • Industry overview
  • Key performance drivers
  • Regulatory environment
  • Government policies
  • Tax & Incentives
  • Disruptive technology & Industry trends
  • Competitive landscape


Gain a well-rounded insights on internal factors driving the competitiveness of each players.

  • Corporate development
  • Identify changes of leadership style
  • Identify company with bigger budget


Access a complete range of government actions in impacting companies, industries and their portfolio.

  • Monthly economic indicator
  • Industry development plan
  • Summary of government publication

How we help our client →

Streamlined research workflow

iSquare Portal enables you to integrate your research content into PDF, PPT or download it in Excel Format to power your research.


Streamline, organize and distribute your research content with ease.


Leverage on our visualisation insights to identify trends and opportunities.

Custom alerts and notifications.

Set up your own alerts to get notifications when there is movement in your sector of interest.

Product and Pricing →

iSquare Intelligence delivers on-demand research service to address the unique needs of clients. Get the information you need the most in the shortest time so that your strategic planning will not not be derailed .

Our Database & Intelligence

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